Used to Go to Church | Nick Vleisides
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Rethinking God on the frontline of life’s tragedies.

Blending first-hand accounts of tragedy with opportunity for raw self-examination and reflection, Vleisides delves into the realm of spirituality and belief amid loss and despair. For the “spiritual but not religious,” who want to pursue God outside the walls of organized religion, Used to Go to Church is an invitation to rethink faith and open up to a life centered on grace, mercy, and love.

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Used to Go to Church is a moving and insightful book that explores:

a way back to God, or how to find God, during or after suffering and loss

the struggle of having left church but still desiring a relationship with God

belief and faith in a new way based on mercy, grace, and love

how to better cope with suffering, disappointment, and doubt

the lies often perpetrated by the organized church

the simple, but profound, truth that “God is love”

Nick Vleisides

Nick Vleisides serves as a first responder chaplain with law enforcement and the fire service in the East Bay region of the San Francisco Bay Area. In 2011, after 23 years he left church ministry and established Community Chaplain Resources. Since then, he has devoted himself to chaplaincy working with officers, deputies, firefighters, and community members. He is married to Heidi and they have three adult children.

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