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Adventures are unscripted.

Circumstances and situations collide in an obscure tea house to remind us that joy is in the discovery—not in confirming our already established beliefs. So let us pour you a cup of tea, have a seat at the table, allow yourself to be present, and begin to see with new eyes. You are welcome here!

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A scooter crash, changing plans, and adjustments to the budget sounded like disaster for a careful-minded ex-pastor hoping to salvage what was left of his family's vacation. The Tea Shop is a travelogue of new discoveries and dashed assumptions, where a simple shop owner taught the Forehand family lessons that they were not prepared for, but somehow understood perfectly.

The Tea Shop is a delightful and intimate book that explores:

how the real adventure is not something we can plan for

how there are guides to the journey if we pay attention

why the journey involves nuance, paradox, and mystery—not certainty

how learning to be where we are (presence) is a key to the mystic

why learning to be who we are (authenticity) helps us see and understand the Divine

how deep down, we already know what we're searching for

Karl Forehand

Karl Forehand is a former pastor and author of the award-winning book, Apparent Faith: What Fatherhood Taught Me About the Father’s Heart. He is the founder of The Desert Sanctuary, a home for spiritual nomads seeking refuge on the journey of deconstruction. He lives in northwest Missouri with his wife, Laura, and dog, Winston.

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