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The Reconstructionist is about an earthquake of loss one pastor experienced that led him to identify three major fault lines running through the foundation of Western Christianity. You'll be invited to tour some of the wreckage as he names the fault lines and reconstructs a more sustainable faith. If you're like countless other people and are looking for something more gracious, open, and inclusive then The Reconstructionist is for you.

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The Reconstructionist is an intimate and inspiring book that explores:

how one reconstructs after loss

what it looks like to build a more sustainable faith

the three fault lines running through the foundation of Western Christianity

scapegoating, sacrifice, and the work of Rene Girard

what it looks like to rebuild around people, mercy, and love

how to find healing and integration in the midst of deconstruction

Jonathan J. Foster

Jonathan Foster is the award-winning author of several books including Where Was God on the Worst Day of My Life. There was something of a breakthrough with The Reconstructionist as it was his first book with less than ten words in the title. The faith community evolving at is where he spends a lot of his time, and he's incredibly proud of what's happening at When he's not with his family, he's reading Rene Girard or Open and Relational Theology. Or both.

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