The Genesis of Violence | Matthew J. Distefano and Zak D. Parsons
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"In the beginning …"

The biblical book of Genesis is a violent masterpiece. Deception. Treachery. Murder. But it is also a book of redemption, forgiveness, and reconciliation.

In The Genesis of Violence, author Matthew J. Distefano and artist Zak Parsons collaborate on a one-of-a-kind creative project that details and highlights the main themes of the book of Genesis. From the fall of humankind, to the murder of one brother at the hands of another, this work of art explores it all.

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Foreword by Adam Ericksen

"Matthew has beautifully clarified the wisdom of anti-sacrifice and anti-violence that runs throughout Genesis … Zak’s beautiful artwork is an illuminating companion as we discover the heart of the true God who never wanted violence or sacrifice, but always wanted love."

Matthew J. Distefano

Matthew J. Distefano is the author of Heretic! and 4 other books. He is a podcaster and columnist for Patheos, as well as a long-time social worker. He lives in Northern California with his wife and daughter.

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Zak D. Parsons

Zak D. Parsons has always had a love of symbolic and abstract art. The Genesis of Violence is his first illustrated book project. He lives in the DMV area with his wife and their four children.

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