The Face of Addiction | Joshua Lawson
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So much heartache and loss. So much joy and redemption. So much humanity.

You've heard the horror stories about drug addiction. Your eyes glaze over with half-hearted interest when you see the stats surrounding the "opioid crisis." You know you should care that 130 people are dying of accidental overdose every day in America, yet you just can't seem to muster the compassion. The Face of Addiction tells the stories of twelve people Joshua met when he first began "getting close" to the things that matter in his community. There's the woman whose husband succumbed to an overdose even though she was sure he'd finally beaten it. The man who found a reason for recovery in his daughter's letter to Santa. The city councilman whose perspective finally changed after years of family turmoil. What's more, two of the people featured here have died since giving their interview. That's how important it is for you to hear what they have to say. This is the face of addiction.

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The Face of Addiction will be available July 20 from:

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The Face of Addiction is a heartbreaking and unflinching book that explores:

The origins of the opioid crisis in rural America

The impact of stigma on people who use drugs

The devastating intersection between substance use disorder and gender dysphoria

The looming mental health crisis that is already overwhelming service providers across western society

How Christians can put their faith to work in service to the most vulnerable members of their community

Why harm reduction is a pro-life issue

Joshua Lawson

Joshua Lawson is a writer who lives in southern Ohio with his wife and kids and their ever-reproducing family of cats. He loves strong coffee and good books. He has worked as an organizer, pastor, and ally to people who use drugs in central Appalachia for the past three years.

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