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Rethinking the Role of Missionaries

For more than a decade, Skeeter Wilson has been interviewing elders in Kenya to better understand them as they see themselves, rather than defined by the missionary culture. Take Nothing With You does not doubt the sincerity and good intentions of most missionaries worldwide—especially in Africa, where the author grew up. Neither does it question the sincerity that drives them to believe that they are fulfilling a divine calling. What Take Nothing With You does question is how faithfully the missionary movement reflects the teachings and examples of the Christ—the One who is the purported subject of their message. It questions if the message, as delivered in the missionary context, can really be considered “Good News.”

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Take Nothing With You is a bold and powerful book that challenges:

That the "third world" is in a perceptual state of crises and "we" have solutions.

That evangelizing children is a good or noble thing.

That solutions to problems are solved with Western ideas of education.

That sending our "youth" to do mission work overseas is ever a good idea.

That a post-Constantine Gospel is exportable apart from Western expansionism.

That Africa was not "Christianized" before the modern missionary movement.

Skeeter Wilson

As a son of missionaries, Skeeter Wilson spent his first 18 years growing up in Kenya. Early in his life, he began to question the message and methods of the missionary culture. Later, he returned to Kenya’s highlands to do field research in pursuit of his postgraduate degrees in African History and Creative Writing. He is the author of several historical fiction books, including Worthless People, Crossing Rivers, and Escape from Stupid. Take Nothing With You is Wilson’s debut, non-fiction work. He lives in Auburn, Washington with his wife.

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