Shame | Josh Roggie
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An Unconventional Memoir

Shame is a sickness that festers in the soul. When left in isolation, it runs rampant—attacking our spirit, reshaping our identity, and dismantling us to our very core. We’ve been pressured by society to present only our best attributes, but weaknesses, guilt, and pain simply don’t go away when ignored. Josh Roggie doesn’t just reveal the guilt, disappointment, and embarrassment that has been present in his life—he seeks to overcome it through wit and abundant oversharing. By including stories on infertility, ever-evolving theology, and even masturbation, he makes it clear that no topic is off-limits. Shame is for anyone who has wondered what it would feel like to be known, despite all the things that they’ve done or that have been done to them. It’s time to realize true freedom by bringing shame to the light, where it will wither and die.

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Shame is a funny, yet vulnerable book that discusses:

How shame comes from both internal and external sources.

The relationship between shame, embarrassment, and guilt.

How childhood shame and guilt can affect our development.

How the path to overcoming shame is understanding one's own story.

Why vulnerability within community is the best way to escape isolation.

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“Here are the songs that got me thinking about each chapter. There are some gems in there. And yes, they are generally of the punk/rock/hardcore persuasion. Many of these artists are my favorites because they write the most sincere, genuine, heartbreaking music I have ever heard. It will be well worth your time listening to them.”

Josh Roggie

Josh Roggie has been writing since his teenage years when he had aspirations of being a Christian rapper. He has long since released that dream and focused on honing his writing craft to develop stories of all kinds that would inspire challenging questions. He lives in Colorado Springs with his wife and two cats.

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