Saying No to God | Matthew J. Korpman
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Blessed are those who defy God.

Although bumper stickers abound that propose otherwise, the Bible itself reveals that just because “God says it,” does not, in fact, mean “that settles it.” On the contrary, a close reading of Scripture reveals that God does not want us to blindly obey him, but rather, invites us to “lock hands” with him and fight. The purpose of this book is to show another way to understand the Bible, one in which readers are not asked to accept what God says, but on the contrary: to say no to it, not because they merely want to, but because the God of the Bible actually requires it.

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Foreword by Jory Micah

"Saying No to God will be one of the most eye-opening books you have ever read... Korpman has done his theological homework and challenges us to know the depths of God’s character; even to the point of God being pleased with those who have serious spiritual doubts and questions. This book will both challenge and revolutionize your faith."

Saying No to God is a provocative and groundbreaking book that discusses:

How confusion about the Bible stems primarily from a confusion about God, who Christians assume must always be right and as such, can never be questioned or rejected.

That God encourages readers of the Bible to not blindly accept what it says but actually requires that Christians fight it and sometimes even reject it, just as Jesus himself did.

That the Bible’s blatant humanity and shortcomings are, counterintuitively, the very way in which Christians discover the divine imprint in it.

A number of controversial topics issues within Christianity, ranging from Women’s Rights to Orthodoxy, in which readers are invited to question what contemporary things God invites us to say no to.

Matthew J. Korpman

Matthew J. Korpman is a rising biblical scholar, itinerant preacher, and theological arsonist. Currently pursuing his Master of Arts in Religion at Yale Divinity School, he holds four bachelor degrees in Theology, Archaeology, Philosophy, and Screenwriting. He has traveled and excavated in Israel and Jordan, and is proud to call San Diego, California his home.

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