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God called. He wants His Church back.

Many Christians have begun to recognize that God desires His church to function as an organism rather than an organization. After over 11 years of experience founding and facilitating a house church, author Keith Giles shares the insights he developed in the trenches. Filled with practical, real-world examples of how to plant and nurture an organic gathering, readers will find a wealth of information to help them bring Jesus back to the forefront of every meeting.

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Foreword by Richard Jacobson

"This isn’t a book about how to have a meeting about Jesus; it’s a book about how to have meeting with Jesus. And it isn’t just based on theory; it’s based on actual experience. Hard-earned, life-lived, real-world experience."

Jesus Unveiled is a timely and revolutionary book that discusses:

What it means to be the Church

Why Church has become a spectator sport

Why modern Churches don't look anything like what we see in the New Testament

What the Apostle Paul tell us about the Body of Christ

Why Churches today don't practice the Priesthood of All Believers

Why there were no pastors mentioned in Paul's epistles to the churches

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New Online Course

In this 3 week course, former pastor, author and house-church practitioner Keith Giles will show you how easy and inexpensive it is to start a vibrant New Testament-style Ekklesia where everyone is free to use their spiritual gifts and “Be the Church” as God intended. Featuring additional material, unique video lectures from the author, and an opportunity to interact directly with Keith and other students in a private discussion board.

The Church Jesus Built:
How To Build A Home-Based Ekklesia
Registration: $55 enroll now
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Keith Giles

Keith Giles is a best-selling author, blogger, and speaker. After leaving full-time ministry 11 years ago to start a house church in Southern California that gave everything away to the poor, Keith and his wife recently moved to Idaho to embark on their next adventure. He is the author of several books, including Jesus Untangled and Jesus Unbound.

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