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What if the greatest threat to Christianity in America was American Christianity?

As the Church has become increasingly entangled in the pursuit of politics, the Gospel has become tarnished and often abandoned as the primary focus of the Body of Christ. Jesus Untangled is a prophetic call for the Church to awaken from the “American Dream” and to return to Her first love. Because, as the author powerfully demonstrates in these pages, you can’t convert a culture that has already converted you.

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Foreword by Greg Boyd

"Jesus Untangled is a clarion call for Christians to wake up to the many ways we have compromised our distinct calling as citizens of the kingdom of God by becoming entangled with the affairs of the kingdom of the world."

Jesus Untangled is a prophetic calling for the church to explore:

Why it’s dangerous for the Church to become entangled in politics

What it means to say "Jesus is Lord" in a practical sense

What the early Christian church believed about entanglement in politics

How ineffective political solutions are to solve the world's problems

What the New Testament says about dividing over politics

Are you entangled? Take the "Christianity and Politics" quiz to find out! Take the quiz

Q&A Interview

Keith Giles discusses what the book is about, his journey out of political entanglement, how the Gospel challenges our politics, what he hopes his readers will experience, and why the book is so timely.

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New Online Course

In this 3 week course, author and Bible teacher, Keith Giles, will help us to identify the reasons why the Christian Church is so politically-divided today and show us how to rediscover our true source for unity in the Body of Christ. Featuring additional material, unique video lectures from the author, and an opportunity to interact directly with Keith and other students in a private discussion board.

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Keith Giles

Keith Giles is a best-selling author, blogger, and speaker. After leaving full-time ministry 11 years ago to start a house church in Southern California that gave everything away to the poor, Keith and his wife recently moved to Idaho to embark on their next adventure. He is the author of several books, including Jesus Unbound and Jesus Unveiled.

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