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What if the Bible actually keeps us from hearing the Word of God?

For many Christians, the Bible is the only way to know anything about God. But according to that same Bible, everyone can know God directly through an actual relationship with Jesus. Jesus Unbound is an urgent call for the followers of Jesus to know Him intimately because the Gospel is not mere information about God, but a transformational experience with a Christ who is closer to us than our own heartbeat.

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Foreword by Brian Zahnd

"As you begin your reading of Jesus Unbound, be assured that you are on solid ground—and keep your Bible close at hand, because as a lover of Scripture, Giles will refer to it over and over again. Both Keith Giles and Jesus Unbound are firmly rooted in the Bible."

Jesus Unbound is a provocative and paradigm-shifting book that discusses:

How we can know Jesus without the Scriptures

Why the Spirit almost always contradicts what is written

Why God didn't send us a manual, but Emmanuel who would abide within us

How the Scriptures point us to Christ—not to the Scriptures

How being Biblical isn't the same as being Christlike

Why putting God in a box is the same as binding Him in a book

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New Online Course

In this 3 week course, author and Bible teacher, Keith Giles, will show us how and why a Christ-centric perspective on Scripture is not only what Jesus, the apostles and the early Church encourage us to take—it’s also how many of our most difficult and confusing issues with the Scriptures become resolved. Featuring additional material, unique video lectures from the author, and an opportunity to interact directly with Keith and other students in a private discussion board.

Jesus Unbound:
Looking at the Bible Through the Lens of Christ
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Keith Giles

Keith Giles is a former pastor who abandoned the pulpit to follow Jesus, and ended up founding a church where 100% of the offering is given away to help the poor in his surrounding community. He is the author of several books including The Power of Weakness and Jesus Untangled. He and his wife recently moved to Boise, Idaho to start a new house church there.

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