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Meggie was a weird teenager.

We’re talkin’ so weird that her parents worried about her being too religious. After a divine nudge to preach at the age of thirteen, she answered the call to full-time ministry as a sixteen-year-old. She became a paid church staff member a year later, and from 18-32, served in the same church.

While creating sacred space for others, Meggie forgot to nurture her own. In the rush of ministerial leadership, she allowed many limiting beliefs to hold her back. She searched for validation from others but failed to look within and find that she was already enough. These pages tell her satirical, yet “holy,” tale of discovering that because the Divine dwells within, she already possesses enough grace for every wound and enough grit for every goal.

She now offers this gift to you, to encourage you toward the same end. You, yes, all of you, are your own sanctuary. Part memoir, part self-help book, and part spiritual devotional, Meggie will make you laugh, disrupt your thought-patterns, and above all else, empower you to become that which you were meant to be—a sanctuarium tuum. (If you want to know what that means, ya gotta read the book!)

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From the Introduction

"Hi, I’m Meg and I’m a recovering holy-roller. (Hi Meg.)... I used not to be aware of my own power, my own worth. Over the past 7 years, that’s all changed. In the following pages of this book, I vulnerably share how I’ve overcome being a burnt out, overworked holy-roller and now have confidence, peace and certainty in who I was made to be and the work that I was made to do."

I Am My Own Sanctuary is a witty and vulnerable book that explores:

An understanding of how to set your brain up for optimal productivity and presence

Helpful tips to discern your vocational calling

Ideas for self-care that honor the mind, body, spirit, and soul connection

Practical steps to get rid of limiting beliefs around your ambition and goals

A strategy to build boundaries with those toxic personalities in your life

And a chance to laugh while reflecting over questions of self-worth and faith

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Meggie Lee Calvin

Meggie Lee Calvin (Meg) helps spiritually-attuned go-getters heal past wounds and reclaim their personal power so that they can have a life that they love. She does this as a sought-after speaker, author, and podcaster. She’s an SNL fanatic, an avid line-dancer, and enjoys chillin’ out by the chimenea with her husband and daughter. This is her second book and she can’t wait to connect with you at her website.

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