Good Things Happen in the Dark | Ellen Compton
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We always have a choice.

We can resist the darkness, cowering and suffering, avoiding and reviling. Or we can embrace it. Because, my friends, many exceptional and meaningful things happen in the dark. There are unfathomable experiences in this life that attempt to take us out; that torment us with our too-much-ness and our not-enough-ness. These raw words are guidance for spiritual mavericks who are done with fitting in, and are ready to live authentically. Even if you've always played the game, or you haven't and you've been punished, corrected, and sanitized by others for being real, you can find joy in the mess, and live free from the social gauntlet.

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Good Things Happen in the Dark will be available July 27th from:

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Good Things Happen in the Dark is a witty and vulnerable book will leave you:

feeling encouraged to love the parts of yourself that have been labeled "hard to love."

with increased confidence in and appreciation for who you were made to be.

with a sense of solidarity that you are not alone in your story.

more able to hold space for yourself and your people in times of joy and loss.

with tips for navigating the process of growing in self-awareness and wholeness.

better prepared to resist social pressure and embrace what it means to be fully human.

Ellen Compton

Ellen Compton is a family-prioritizing, coffee-drinking, truth-telling, authenticity-pursuing, list-making, God-seeking, world-loving, ambiverted, wine-imbibing, question-asking, former closet writer. The message written on Ellen’s heart is one of identity; she is passionate about living authentically as the person she was created to be and helping others to do likewise. Ellen lives on the east coast of Canada with her family.

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