Beauty in the Wreckage | Brandon Andress
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Right in the middle of the chaos and division, heartache and anxiety, we are faced with the seemingly impossible words of Jesus—that He came to give us life to the fullest.

In his most poetic and thought-provoking work to date, Brandon Andress makes the surprising discovery that, even in the heartache, the hostility, the division, the violence, and the oppression, experiencing “life to the fullest,” a life of shalom, is not just possible, it can be our present reality. But in order to discover it, we must learn how to see and live differently—moment by moment—for the transformation of our lives, our families, our relationships, and our communities.

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Foreword by Kurt Willems

"Yes, even in the wreckage, shalom-shaped beauty emerges. And it begins by learning to see differently and then by becoming a different kind of person in the world—one who reminds others that the primary disposition of God, revealed in Jesus, has always been goodness and love."

Beauty in the Wreckage is a profound and poetic book that explores:

What it means to experience life to the fullest in the middle of so much pain and suffering, hostility and division, stress and anxiety

Moving beyond the labels, hierarchies, stereotypes, antagonisms, and divisions within our culture and society

The possibility of experiencing life to the fullest once you have been through painful and traumatic life situations or suffering

How the experience of shalom leads to a deeper life of transformation and invites us to become who we were always meant to be

How a deeply-rooted and intimately-connected community, or family, nourishes and strengthens us to experience greater depths of shalom

How the experience of shalom not only transform us individually and relationally, but also begins to transform our communities and our world

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Brandon Andress

Brandon Andress is the author of two books, Unearthed and And Then the End Will Come!, as well as a contributor and producer of Outside the Walls podcast. Brandon lives in Columbus, Indiana and is married to his wife of twenty years, Jenny. Together they have three children—Anna, Caroline, and Will. Brandon is a graduate of Hanover College in Psychology and has an MBA from Indiana Wesleyan University.

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