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What Fatherhood Taught Me About the Father’s Heart

Several years ago, I began to question whether I could be certain any longer about some of the things I was "sure" of. By reflecting on being a father, I was able to re-evaluate God the Father and what I believed. It resulted in a more loving, less retributive view of God and, honestly, just a lot of good insights that I tried to capture in the book. It’s possible that you won't agree with all of it (and that is okay). This is my journey and I think you will enjoy coming along with me. You will laugh at times and shed tears at others. It’s from my heart to yours.

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Foreword by Dr. Paul Fitzgerald

"[Karl's] story reflects the risk we all face in suddenly waking up to see so clearly something to which we have been blind...Being available to be surprised by God is key to deep spiritual growth beyond the limits of logic we feel gives us control."

Apparent Faith is a provocative and touching book that considers:

How does God really feel about us?

How should we understand prayer and challenges?

Is God really in control?

What role should the Bible play in our lives?

Is God really full of wrath and anger?

Why would God set up a system that is doomed from the start?

Karl Forehand

Karl J. Forehand was a bi-vocational pastor for 20 years until he suddenly realized that some things in his journey of faith needed to be reevaluated. He is the founder of Karl’s Coaching which endeavors to help people close the gaps in their life and find wholeness in body, soul, and spirit. He has training in spiritual leadership coaching, plant-based nutrition, and spiritual direction. He lives in Missouri with his wife Laura and dog Winston. He has three grown children and two grandchildren.

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